Saturday, 20 August 2011

How to do a tailslide grind

A tailslide is a bit like a board slide or a nose slide, but it is harder. you do an ollie 90 then let your tali slide then hop off.

How to do a Boardslide grind

First for a boardslide face you board parallel to object your going to boardslide on. Ride along at a sensible speed and do an ollie 90 then slide along, ollie 90 and hop off.

How to do a hardflip

A hard flip is quit simple. Put your feet under the board and jump so the board spins round the try and land it.

How to do a frontside flip

Frontside flip is like a kickflip but spins around and does a 180. First you do a kick flip and you jump 180 deegrees. You should learn a kick flip before attempting this trick.

How to do a kickflip

Position your feet similar to an ollie but your front foot has to be angling at the first bolts. Then slide your foot up and off the front side. Remember keep your shoulders strait. Keep at it dudes.

How to do an Ollie

First place your front foot on the middle of the board and the back foot in the middle of the tail. Slam down on the tail bring your front foot up and jump. You may not get it first time.


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Saturday at Exist

This morning Arthur skated Exist and someone nearly took his leg off